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    Redefining #beer in the shower.

    Redefining #beer in the shower.

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    I’ve told you before, but maybe you forgot - beer soap is the new dope! Everyone is raving about their amazing new suds. WELL it just so happens that I got some fan mail and guess what - it was beer soap!THANK YOU MADAME LEIGH LEIGH!! Ok, so actually I’ve been holding on to this gem for a little while - I wanted to save it for my new apartment and my fresh lease on life (ok, maybe I’m getting carried away).

    Yep, my skin is soft and the soap smells good you might think it’s for eating and not washing. You hate that this stuff wasn’t trendy when you’re mother was threatening to wash your mouth out with soap for swearing.

    If you are so bold and crafty that you would like to attempt making this yourself, there’s a great methodology provided here. But, if I catch you selling it at Bklyn Flea this summer, I will smack you. Just because.

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