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    Choose the Hops for Sixpoints 2012 Autumnation →


    I picked Amarillo. What will you pick?

    I’m also down for some Amarillo!

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    Friends with Benefits

    Are the ones who make you delicious dinner. Especially when it’s a beer dinner. Thanks to the butcher and the baker for an amazing lamb braised in six point righteous rye! 

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    Brew York, New York: First Look at 61 Local →

    I’m very much looking forward to going here.


    In an unsuspecting facade on a quiet Brooklyn street, 61 Local is an understated spot with huge potential.

    “Local” has become a buzz word lately. In some cases, it’s been overused. Yes, the locavore movement has certainly made us more aware of the source of our food, but when it comes to…

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    Brew York, New York: Happy Hour: Get Your Sixpoint, Greenport Harbor On →


    Here are the beer-related goings-on after work tonight:

    • At Bar Great Harry (280 Smith St., at Sackett St., Carroll Gardens), it’s their annual Sixpoint night from 6-10pm, with an impressive tap and cask list. Grab some Dr. Klankenstein, Double Sweet Action, Missionary IPA (from Pacific…
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